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MAMP MySQL Problem

Using the library node-mysql I found myself with an error that refused my node app to connect to an MySQL Database or in fact the server itself. At first I blame the library, searching and searching and I didn’t find any solution that leads me to fix error. Every time I tried a connection I always get the error : Error: connect ECONNREFUSED.

WordPress functionality in another PHP Project

I’m working on a Project using Laravel and I need to pull all the blog post from a WordPress site that is already on the same server.

Subdomain on a different server

I want to develop my first Node.js applications and host it as subdomain, but this server (shared on hostgator) does not support Node.js applications, and for a second I thought if I need to change server only for this?. But nope, there is a solution for this.

Control WordPress 404 Error

I have site built with WordPress and I wanted to catch all 404 page that WordPress try to display and make my own custom 404 page depending on the requested page, or in fact I just wanted to whether or not show a 404 page.

2014 Goals

Late Happy New year to everybody who is not reading this and won’t be reading this until whoever knows how they get in here.