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Learn the proper names

Someone asked me if I knew what Lambdas was, and quickly I answered: “I’ve heard that word before, but really don’t know what it is”.

How to type ß (Eszett) on Mac OS

How to type this ß (Eszett) or weird-looking “B” as I knew it before in Mac and iPhone.

Custom Post Slug collapse with Page Slug in WordPress

Changing permalink on WordPress it’s never, well at least it never gave me any headache, but when I change /blog/%postname%/ to just /%postname%/ some pages fell apart, and I was blaming the .htaccess, deleting it, recreating, let WordPress rebuild it, did a flush_rewrite_rules(); and nothing was fixed. Then I notice it was all the custom post slug that matches the page slug.

MAMP MySQL Problem

Using the library node-mysql I found myself with an error that refused my node app to connect to an MySQL Database or in fact the server itself. At first I blame the library, searching and searching and I didn’t find any solution that leads me to fix error. Every time I tried a connection I always get the error : Error: connect ECONNREFUSED.

WordPress functionality in another PHP Project

I’m working on a Project using Laravel and I need to pull all the blog post from a WordPress site that is already on the same server.