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Writing on the moment

This is probably has been said a lot out there, but I wanted to tell you this again, if you like to express an idea, a experience or simply want to share your thoughts, write it down while you got the momentum going.

If you love something and want to say how much you love it, say it while you love it, and when you stop loving it, you can share it again and compare saying why you stop loving it.

If you want to share something today, and if you are like me, there's a high chance that tomorrow you won't feel that spark that make you feel you need it to share something.

I want to share so much, but then I end up thinking, who wants to read this anyway, who will find this anyway. Don't be that person.

Don't be me and share your thoughts, it doesn't matter that you think it's worthless, someone will find it worth it.

I'm saying this not because I do it, because I don't, but because I've been on the other side as a reader, reading comments about how they hate the post AND the author, while I'm sitting here thinking why do they hate them, they are awesome and this content is great. The author probably is thinking is all true, because people who liked the content are not expressing their love to them and their content, but rather they just stare at how other people hate (or don't like) them.

Please, share your thoughts and let people know if you liked their content or not, but do not offend them, they can talk, if not, move along.

I'll take my own advice and do the same. Let's