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All I use as Web Developer

I recently did a Mac OS X clean install, now I'm just going to install only application I need and commonly use, I always say that and end up doing it again installing and downloading bunch of things I don't need or even use, and full my computer of useless files that slow my machine down.

This post will also make me keep track of all I need/use.


I always download all my browsers first.


Safari comes by default on Mac OS X.

Google Chrome#

This is (by now) my favorite/default browser, is the first thing I downloaded on every new or new install machine, in other words if there not chrome installed, I install it right away. Go and download Google Chrome, just give it a try. If you are under linux you might want to check Chromium

So as a Web Developer I mostly use Chrome because of its DevTools. Chrome DevTools is an amazing tool for debugging web applications. Give Chrome Dev Tools a try.

Google Chrome Canary#

Is Google Chrome but from the future.

As a Web Developer this is a good thing because you can test new features before it came to the official Chrome Release (Stable), sometimes this features come on Chrome stable version as experimental but some are not.


The next browser is Firefox and as a Web Developer I use Firefox to check if the web app works on it, and playing around with 3D View.


I open up opera only for testing, so that as a Web Developer I use opera. Download Opera you need it if you are going to bet for the web.

Internet Explorer#


Text Editors/IDE#

Well we need something to edit all our source code files, I use the following:

Sublime Text#

Sublime Text, is a multiplatform text editor and can be customizable, has a lot of plugins, themes and color schema and support a lot of programming languages.

I used to Install TextWrangler, but sublime text fits all my needs.


Coda, is a great IDE with a lot of built-in features including Full File Browser (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3) and MySQL Editor.



iTerm is an alternative to Terminal, it supports split view that why love it the most.


I use Git to control and manage all my source code. Read more and download Git, also check GitHub.


I do not really use NodeJS, but I need to install NodeJS in order to install some awesome tools like grunt.


Grunt is a javascript task runner that helps us to automate task, like copying files, concatenating files, adding css prefixes, compiling sass and much much more.


Bower is a frontend package manager, as its name stated, manage all our frontend packages, one command and Bower will install all dependecies for us automatically.


I've just used Yeoman couple of times, but this is a great tool/workflow that help us out creating new application boilerplates, Yeoman uses Grunt and Bower.


CodeKit is an amazing tool for Mac OS X that make Web Developer lives a lot easier, it compiles everything sass, less, halm, stylus, coffeescript, compass and more, combine and minify files, optimizes images, live page reloads and much much more.

Local Environment#


This is a quick and easy way (click-next install) to set up on a Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I need this to use/create/test PHP/MySQL locally on my machine.


Yup, this is the tool I used for MySQL Database Management. It's written in PHP and comes with MAMP PRO.



Skype, if you work with remote clients/team-mate, you need something to talk to them, Google Hangout is an option.


Wunderlist, here is where I keep all my todo task, even outside Developing, like run out of Dr. Pepper. It also syncs in all my devices.

Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.