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2014 Goals

Late Happy New year to everybody who is not reading this and won't be reading this until whoever knows how they get in here.

This year I am going to propose myself a list of goals that I want to or would like to have done by the end of year 2014 at lease.

This are the things I would want to do, but I probably won't


The thing I want the most is example of the things I've done or I capable to do. I hate myself when someone ask me: 'Do you know X?' and I say: 'yes, I do', and then they said: 'Ok, cool send me some examples of work you have done in X', I just draw a blank and start looking at old Hard Drives, Flash Memories, Old Mails, Dropbox, Google Drive and olds computer to find something and start to think: he/she won't believe me if I said I don't have anything to show, they will think I am lying. I don't blame them, I understand, I won't believe it either if someone tells me it knows something and doesn't have anything to prove that, for me it just BS. So, I'm telling BS too.

That's why I'm going to create a portfolio, a collection of examples to show my potencial and what I am capable of.

Write more#

I like to write but I don't do it well, so I would like to write more in order to improve my writing skills (english and spanish by the way).

I'm going to write more, about everything it won't matter what, sometimes I don't write something because it was already been wrote, or it's a simple thing that everyone (I believe) knows.

I would turn this blog into a possible log of thing I'm working on or I've worked on and share my experiences.

Work on a Big Project#

One thing that I would like to do, it's been on a BIG project, where I am not the "expert" or "the master of universe of that project", I just want to be part and learn from other leader and how to approach things, not the I want to be the one dude that doesn't contribute to anything just code, but learn how other people with more experiencies handle things on a big project.

By a big project I mean a project who involves Back-end, front-end, tons of users and/or page request, fully web-based app and everything is created In house.

Take JavaScript to another level#

So this mean I want to use JavaScript more and not just query some element and changed its style, so this could change if I got a change to work on a Big Project.

Stay up to day on Web#

I spent couple of months outside the 'Staying up to day' World due to work that had me busy and I was way behind already, the web is growing fast and I need to keep me updated.

I don't know how am I going to mesure this, but anyways.

Attend Conferences#

Yup, that. I want to attend to more conferences In order to learn and help me to stay up to day.

By the way I went to The Ultimate Developer Event Boston 2013 it was an amazing Event, hope I can go next time.

Make a game#

I am probably make the game Snake, but anyways I just want to do a complete game that can be play well, with menues and stuff.

Contribute to Open Source Projects#

I would love to contribute or create open source projects.

Use CodePen#

I've been looking at demos there since I don't know, it's been a while, and there some amazing example there that will blow your mind, anyways, so I am going to use CodePen to publish anything, whatever cross my mind, it's just to share some code and awesome example or weird stuff.

Publish on GitHub#

When is something that is too big for CodePen or whatever, I will post it here, in GitHub

I would like to create some library or some code that would be useful for developer, so I hope I could write at least 2 cool new Repositories that would be helpful for many people.