Subdomain on a different server

I want to develop my first Node.js applications and host it as subdomain, but this server (shared on hostgator) does not support Node.js applications, and for a second I thought if I need to change server only for this?. But nope, there is a solution for this.

What I want

  • Host a Nodejs application in subdomain ( on a server that does not support nodejs.
  • Keep it like if it was hosted on the same server.


  1. Go to your hosting provider, and look for DNS Zone, on hostgator is under domains tab.


  1. Add a Record, put the Name of the host, or subdomain (, there is possible two types you would need, type A or CNAME. If you want to point to an IP you need a type A, but if you want to point to a domain/subdomain you need CNAME.

On Address/CNAME put the server's IP or subdomain, in my case the app is hosted on OpenShift and the CNAME would be something like

TTL is Time to Live, amount of seconds the record cache would last.

dnszone filled

This would do the trick, and every time is typed it would request