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I found old codes I wrote more than a decade ago and realized how much I have learned so far, still there is a lot more to learn.

I feel bad when I have to search for a simple task, such as, how substring minus start position works? I have used it a lot of times and still forget how it works.

I used to create a lot of things, even useless app because I like to make things. Lately it has been different as I was believing I should act more "Pro" and just build things that matter and useful to at least a group of people.

I realized I should go back to my roots and create things just for fun. I don't have to worry about whether or not is perfect or useful just make things works and learn something new.

I have been thinking on challenging myself on coding a project each week or code something everyday for a n period of time, but I did not find any strong motivation until today.

Today I came across a tweet and a video that looked like it was directly written to me, these put the cherry on top and I decided to make the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

The rules are basically:

The goals will be create around 20 mini projects in the next 100 days.

Follow my progress on Twitter and GitHub.